Ant Design Form component for seamless conduct

Ant Design form is a React UI library that has abundance of easy-to-use components that are useful for building elegant user interfaces.

One of the components is <Form>. It provides built-in functions for collect, validate and submit user input. <Form> in Ant Design is using a decorator pattern for the fields. This is not a problem until you want to separate the form and fields.

Here is a simple example.

Getting Started

In this tutorial, we’ll build a basic application to showcase Ant Design’s react form component. Our first step will be to set up our boilerplate. I’ve done so using create-react-app.

Then we’ll need to add the antd dependency to the project:


Before we start building our <CustomForm /> component, we'll add a reference to it in the root component:

Building the CustomForm Component

Now we can start building our <CustomForm /> component. Open a new file called CustomForm.js with the following contents:

Cool! Now let’s add layout and submit method in our component.

Click on submit button and this is the output you get


That’s how easy it is to make a form with Ant design. If you’d like to learn more about Ant, check out their docs.

Originally published at on August 7, 2020.



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